Roland Guijt


The most recent projects:

2016-2017 Lead developer at an automotive organisation. Implementing a service infrastructure including security.
Techniques used: ASP.NET Core, MVC

2016 Lead developer and Scrum master at a major financial institution. Project involved building a cross-platform mobile app with Xamarin.
Techniques used: Xamarin

2015 Senior developer and architect at an automotive organisation. Add major new features to an app with Microservice Architecture that is designed to be a communication mechanism between lessors and suppliers.
Techniques used: ASP.NET MVC, MassTransit, SignalR, LLBLGen, Knockout.js, Typescript

2013 - Now Pluralsight author
Courses include: Microservices, Mobile app development, Neo4j, ASP.NET Core, TypeScript.

2000 - Now Trainer for a variety of .Net, javascript and cloud courses for different companies. Contact me for more details.
Techniques used: Everything .Net, javascript, jQuery, React.js, Angular, Knockout.js, Azure

2012 - Now DealGPS Lead architect and developer. DealGPS is a single page web application that simplifies the complex sales process and proactively helps salespeople with smart actions to seal the deal fast.
Techniques used: ASP.NET MVC, WebAPI, Azure, Angular.js.

2012-2014 Architect and coach at a dutch government institution. The development of a mobile app for iOS and Android and the development of a single page web app for internal use. The goal of the web app was to maintain a registration database and do all kinds of validations. My role was to advise and determine the technical route and to coach and train the three developers involved. In addition some of the existing apps had to be migrated to Azure.
Techniques used: ASP.NET MVC, WebAPI, Xamarin, Azure, Knockout.js

2011-2013 Developer and architect at a major producer in the food sector. Automation of the production floor using windows services that monitor PLCs and update a web console in realtime. It enables supervisors to see the complete status of the production floor at a glance. Also, I was coaching 2 other developers that helped with development
Techniques used: ASP.NET MVC, OWIN, WebAPI, SignalR, Durandal.js, Angular, Windows Forms

2012 Front+backend developer for a social media website. The goal of this website is enable people who need any form of help to ask that help from people they know in a manner without friction.
Techniques used: ASP.NET MVC, WebAPI, Angular.js